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Immediate implantology: the teva fixed prosthesis in less than 12 hours

Surely by now the term has escorted more than once: immediate implantology. And it is that even if you are not familiar with this type of treatment, the enormous advance that this new dental technique has brought, has made immediate loading implantology one of the most commented topics.

In today's post we are going to tell you what this new immediate implantology technique consists of; what are the aspects that have to be considered; In which cases we can opt for this type of treatment and, lastly, we will explain the advantages that immediate implantology offers vs conventional implantology.

Tractament d'implants de càrrega immediate

Technology advances at a rapid pace, offering alternatives in just a few days, it would be very difficult to finish. We are not only talking about technique, but also about materials, sizes, thickness, finishes... Each patient is a world, just like each smile, the one who has donated foot to the prosthetic companies that design infinite proposals, the last of which would be the implants of immediate càrrega.

These types of fixed prostheses cover a new market demand. Thanks to them, we offer a good alternative to all those people who, due to various questions, were not willing to wait between three and six months to complete their smile. Of course, considering that I could semblance science fiction, this new technique allows to obtain a perfect smile in a single session, including in these times the possible extractions.

How does an immediate breast implant work?

The implants, in their set, have the objective of supplying the lack of one or several dental fish. The prostheses are fixed on the implants integrated into the bone, which are coupled with a surgical intervention. Així doncs, these screws are made of biocompatible material, which means that the cos ho admet com a propi. Consequently, it is the bone itself that integrates the implants, accepting them and embracing them with force, as if it is a tract of the bearing of a natural tooth.

The implants for immediate surgery, just like the conventional ones, can be unitary, bridge or full arch. In the first case, each tooth is subjected to its own implant. In the second, it will depend on each situation, between 1 and 2 implants can be performed. In the third, the complete prosthesis is supported on four or six fixing points, which in the commercial name is known as All on Four or All on Six, respectively.

The procedure for the placement of implants for immediate surgery is as follows: in the case of having, the extraction of deteriorated dental fish and/or possible arrels is carried out. Afterwards, taking advantage of the holes (alvèols) that have left the natural teeth, col·loquen the implants mitjançant bone perforation. The suture points are made and the temporary fixed prosthesis, made of resin, is screwed.

Depending on the case, this provisional prosthesis can be placed in the surgical mateixa, but it could also be necessary to wait a few hours. However, from this point on, the patient will no longer be able to lead a normal life: eat, smile, drink, talk... Because he will leave the intervention with his eighth smile perfectly finished.

After three months, the bone will have osseointegrat the implants, for what will be the perfect moment to exchange the resin prosthesis for a definitive porcelain one, concluding at this point the treatment.

What aspects should we take into account?

To guarantee the patient's comfort, it is usual to opt for conscious sedation during the intervention, especially when we are talking about full smile. The presence of an anesthetist is essential in this aspect. The patient remains awake at all times, but is calm and without any pain.

As with conventional implants, it will be necessary to comply with a series of medical requirements in order to perform the treatment. It is not recommended for all those patients with uncontrolled diabetes. Smoking also comes into play in this aspect, as it could cause infections in the healing process. In any case, before planting any intervention, the dentist will carry out an examination for the patient's general state of health.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that immediate load implants are just as effective and safe as conventional ones. Around 97% of cases are effective. This means that if we follow our dentist's instructions, we can enjoy our new smile for the rest of our lives.

What are the benefits compared to conventional ones?

Immediate loading implants allow the functionality of the dentures, mastication, phonation and, above all, aesthetics to be restored in less than 24 hours.

In a single session we will have our perfect smile, without the need to visit the dentist several times. This does not allow greater freedom and discretion,

Self-esteem also plays a crucial role in this aspect, since the patient sees the change immediately, without being toothless for a while while post-operative recovery takes place.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact us by calling 900 877 907. In our Clínicas Nou Dent we have implantology professionals who will achieve the best results.



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