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Diagnosis and prevention

General dentistry puts at our service all the necessary treatments to solve alterations such as cavities or gingivitis, caused by a poor diet, inadequate hygienic habits or simply hereditary factors.



Dental caries is the destruction of tooth tissue. The treatment that helps to solve it is the cleaning of the caries and the subsequent filling of the cavity. If the decay affects the pulp chamber (nerve) of the dental piece, it will be necessary to perform an endodontic treatment.

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Our dentists will carry out a diagnosis to determine the level of restoration of the affected teeth. Subsequently, measurements of your mouth will be taken to design the molds and splints that will prevent you from producing this wear on your teeth during the night.



On many occasions, certain dental pieces must be extracted to avoid compromising the proper functioning of our mouth. The most common case is caused by wisdom teeth, although many other circumstances can occur

At Clínicas Nou Dent we want to be more than your dentist. We are specialists in taking care of you and your loved ones, which is why we offer you a closer and more accessible treatment.

Our way of understanding dentistry is different. We focus all our human and technical efforts to understand your needs, always adapting to your personal and emotional circumstances.

With us you will understand that the dentist does not have to be expensive or scary. We want you to feel our clinic as your own, because when you feel comfortable with the human team and the facilities, you feel at home.

Family dentistry in our clinics

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