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Dental prostheses

The dental prosthesis replaces the lost or deteriorated dental structures, returning to the mouth all the functionality, resistance and luminosity of the original pieces.



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Fixed prostheses are those that cannot be removed by the patient, being attached and supported by pillars such as the teeth themselves, or dental implants.

There are different types of fixed prostheses on the market, among which we can highlight veneers, crowns, and bridges.

This type of prosthesis offers us a wide variety of reconstruction options, being able to replace isolated parts to complete arches.

At Clínicas Nou Dent you have a 5-year guarantee on removable prostheses, so you can enjoy a healthy mouth without worries.

As they are made of a totally biocompatible material, adverse reactions do not occur, and unlike other prostheses, unsightly metallic edges will not appear over time, nor will darkened gums due to lack of light.

Ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges to offer you a movie smile.

At Clínicas Nou Dent we want to be more than your dentist. We are specialists in taking care of you and your loved ones, which is why we offer you a closer and more accessible treatment.

Our way of understanding dentistry is different. We focus all our human and technical efforts to understand your needs, always adapting to your personal and emotional circumstances.

With us you will understand that the dentist does not have to be expensive or scary. We want you to feel our clinic as your own, because when you feel comfortable with the human team and the facilities, you feel at home.

Family dentistry in our clinics

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