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The best support that exists for a dental piece is its own root. With implants we restore health, comfort, aesthetics and functionality to your smile.



At Clínicas Nou Dent, prior to the intervention, 3D diagnostic tests are carried out that will facilitate the dentist's review. In addition, these tests will help the patient to visualize how their smile will look after treatment.

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We use computer programs that allow us to develop a surgical guide specifically designed for each patient. With this we managed to speed up the recovery process and that everything goes perfectly in the operation.



SWWe use the best material that currently exists: zirconium. We use the latest assisted design tools to make the frameworks and crowns, eliminating precision errors and allowing a perfect fit.

At Clínicas Nou Dent we want to be more than your dentist. We are specialists in taking care of you and your loved ones, which is why we offer you a closer and more accessible treatment.

Our way of understanding dentistry is different. We focus all our human and technical efforts to understand your needs, always adapting to your personal and emotional circumstances.

With us you will understand that the dentist does not have to be expensive or scary. We want you to feel our clinic as your own, because when you feel comfortable with the human team and the facilities, you feel at home.

Family dentistry in our clinics

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